Cover of Cleaning House. In orderto preserve, protect, and defend the old ways of publishing, here is another in a series of formerly real books, circa the last century. ❦

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Cover of the softcover edition of Cleaning House.

Paperback edition. February 1982: Ace Books, a Division of Charter Communications, Inc. A Grosset & Dunlap Company.

Praise for Cleaning House

β€œBright, deft, knowing, and wickedly funny: a dissection of an American marriage that is only too convincing.” (Joyce Carol Oates)

β€œIn this dazzling debut, Hayfield proves herself a novelist of major talent. With not one false detail and with stunning, acute imagery that resonates on many levels, Hayfield writes about a suburban housewife who both represents and transcends any of the breed we have heretofore encountered. … She is awesomely good. A writer to watch.” (Publishers Weekly)

β€œβ€¦ a fresh, lively look into the suburban life of young Linda. It might seem there were no new fields to plow in the genre of the frustrated housewife, but Nancy Hayfield’s wildly funny first novel proves this untrue on the first page.” (New York Time Book Review)

β€œCleaning House is unusual in that it successfully combines the stomach-clenching realism of books about housewives in the suburbs with the irony of coming-of-age stories. There is a clear-headed spunkiness to the writing that makes this novel a tantalizing debut.” (Atlantic Monthly)

β€œTaut, free-form style and vivid imagery … mark this eloquent first novel.” (Los Angeles Times)

β€œβ€¦ a sharply written, witty and sophisticated work … a strong first novel.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The back of the US softcover edition, with praise.

The back of the US softcover edition, with praise.
☞ To see scanned originals of the newspaper or magazine pages and many more full reviews, please check out the Reviews in the back of the book. I have laboriously retyped, word for word, the text from the originals so that one day the great Wiki will consider them as evidence of my book’s existence.
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