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Chapter Thirteen 🏠

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It’s too bad, but the one thing Maggie couldn’t allow herself was the time to let things accumulate naturally, the way Aunt Ruth could. Maggie always made a great, bursting try, and then after that, she had nothing. But there is something to the kind of thing that gets done by doing just a little every day: you save a penny a day, every day, lose a pound a week, every week; the Chinese were supposed to have driven you mad by dripping a single drop of water on your forehead, minute by minute by minute, until your skull looked like the Grand Canyon and you screamed, β€œI’ll talk, I’ll talk!” Water is the universal solvent, more powerful than acid or Coke. Drop by drop by drop can be a potent force. The reason Jack and I had to get married was because I didn’t believe a shot glass of beer a minute could get anybody drunk.

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