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Publishers Weekly article on the book's sales at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Publishers Weekly article on the book's sales at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Big Small Book

“There were no big Frankfurt books.” wrote Herbert Lottman in his preliminary dispatch on the recent fair (PW, Oct. 24), although he did mention record advances obtained for the next Harold Robbins by Roslyn Targ, who negotiates in certain countries on behalf of the author’s lawyer-agent Paul Gitlin. In the contrary view of Swedish agent Lennart Sane, there was a big Frankfurt book, which at the same time “was the smallest—156 pages.” Sane, in a letter to New York coagent Maxine Groffsky, who represents first novelist Nancy Hayfield, was alluding to Hayfield’s Cleaning House, of which he is an admirer and which he sold during the fair to three countries.

Arbeiderspers closed for Dutch rights, Gummerus for Finnish and Trevi for Swedish, and other sales were reported in the offing. Farrar, Straus & Giroux is the publisher here. Sane observes that “the continued willingness of publishers to invest in first novels”—a point made in PW’s “A Horn-of-Plenty for First Novels” (Oct. 10)—”also refers to transations.” 🏠

Cleaning House, Great Britain
Cleaning House • Great Britain
Cleaning House, East Berlin
Seitensprunge • East Berlin
Cleaning House, East Berlin
Hausputz • Germany
Cleaning House, East Berlin
Hoved Rent • Denmark
Cleaning House, Finland
Juhlan Jalkeen • Finland
Cleaning House, Sweden
Rent Hus • Sweden
Cleaning House, Holland
Schoon Maak * Holland
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